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Celebrate Life!

Come to Dacha –
to relax and live a real life,
full of joy

Celebrate it without any reason or days off. Just like that, when you want to get away from the city. Commemorate your days with sunrises and sunsets, and breathe deeply in the woods surrounded with your loved ones. 

Live your life: without fuss, easily, come by yourself or with children, with good friends or in a bad mood, taste delicious food, sunbathe or work.  Here, at Dacha, we celebrate weekdays and rest seven days a week. Come – just for a day or for as long as you like: live your life.

Make yourself comfortable

For a large family and for quiet work alone. With a private lawn or bath right in the bedroom and lake view. Two-level – as in a childish dream, or with a window in the shower – as in the picture about the islands. Each of our rooms has its own unique charisma. But they have one thing in common: you will definitely sleep comfortably and sweetly here. Because this is the way it happens at Dacha.

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Enjoy your meals

Most of all, we love food that was grown in our greenhouse or near Dacha. This is why local seasonal products make up the basis of our cuisine. Around us, there are small farms, orchards and woods. This means that in summer there are a lot of organic greens and fruits on the menu, in autumn we add marvelous mushrooms, and in winter – useful fermented vegetables. And regardless of the season, the meals are always very tasty and make you feel homey

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Come and sunbathe

We have two pools: for adults and kids. And their most significant advantage is an incredible view of the lake and forest. If you miss summer but it is gone, we will extend it and warm up the water in the pool, as well as your mood: there is a bar nearby. However, we are not fans of too noisy parties (unless you want to rent the entire Dacha for your holiday). But we love to lie on a sunbed with a glass of sparkling wine! Come even if you are not going to spend the night.

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What else can I do?

Enjoy the lake

There is a separate bridge directly from Dacha. Or you can fish – it would bite perfectly at dawn

Enjoy a barbeque

Dacha and outdoor grills are inseparable. If you want to cook yourself – we will supply the foods and organize everything

Take a walk in the woods

It is so pleasant to breathe among the pines. Sleep tight after that. You can walk, or you can ride bikes – the road is really great

Plant something

Seasonal vegetables and herbs grow in our greenhouse. You may also plant your own ones

Love Bobritsa

Go to the fair for farm products and (surprise!!!) the local Sculpture Park

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Rest is a perfect present

A whole day of doing nothing by the pool for a friend who spends days and nights at work. A cozy weekend for parents who haven’t gone on vacation for a hundred years. Or a mini-vacation for a colleague who just needs to reboot? Choose the necessary certificate (Oh, all of them are necessary, we do understand you so well!) – and we will send you an online version of it by email. And we will arrange convenient dates and rooms with your relatives

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They say we are really good!

How to get to us?

77 Kozatska Street, Bobritsa. (20 km from Kyiv).

By car
Dacha is located 20 km far from Kyiv. There are several ways to get there by car. Along the Zhytomyr highway, the most convenient option is through the turn to Bilohorodka. You can also go through Sofiivska Borshchahivka or Vyshneve (along the ring road). It is also easy to get to us along Odesa highway, following the route Hatne-Kriukivschyna-Boiarka-Bilohorodka or directly through Kriukivschyna.

By public transport
You can also get here by taxi buses (749) from the “Nyvky”, “Sviatoshyn” and “Zhytomyrska” metro stations. You can get from the “Lake Dobre” bus stop in Bobritsa to Dacha in a few minutes on foot.

+380 97 924 7777