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We love holidays with meaning, so we organize interesting events for our guests at our Dacha. We listen together to jazz and watch festival movies, learn to draw or do yoga at dawn. You can also hold your own event at Dacha - whether it's a holiday, a business conference, or just hanging out with friends.
When we were building Dacha, we imagined the perfect evening: our favorite guests gather at the large table on the lawn in front of the house to eat deliciously, drink good wine and, of course, laugh a lot. We will spend this evening with a specially invited chef at Kommuna Kitchen.

For us, he has prepared a unique menu – four dishes and dessert, some of which will be served with a specially selected wine. This is a special event for us, the atmosphere of which involves a small number of people.

The cost is UAH 1,600 per person.
October 03
Dinner with Mirali Dilbazi
Author's dishes from a talented chef
This year you will find a farmers' market, a soulful atmosphere and the beauty of the surrounding nature. Seasonal vegetables and fruits, craft cheeses and meat – all of this can not only be bought but also tasted in the restaurant courtyard. Be sure to bring a picnic blanket.

For almost a month, sculptors from around the world will create sculptures from stone and wood. And on Saturday there will be a great opportunity to get acquainted with them and visit the art platform. Also, there will be an exhibition of paintings and photo drying, so choose where to look first – for pretzels and freshly brewed beer or art.
September 19
Bobritsa Fair
Last year, when Dacha was open yet, we planted beds in our greenhouses for the first time — not by ourselves, but very symbolically together with #ourpeople.
We gathered neighbors and close friends, attracted an experienced farmer to tell us what depth to sow and when to water. We listened to him and everyone planted something in a garden: green lettuce, or fragrant greens, and strawberries, which already fructified this year.
Say what you like — it’s nice to work with your hands, especially if you usually work in the office with your head. Therefore, if you want to join — our greenhouses are open to all guests.
April 20
Picnic of Dacha residents
How we started out greenhouses
It is always interesting at Dacha
See how the previous events at the Dacha were held and what we plan for the future. We are sure that you will enjoy not only your vacation with us but also a busy time – choose an event in the calendar and quickly book a room for these dates.
If you have a reason
You can rent the whole Dacha or book one of our zones. Just let us know in advance and we will do everything possible to ensure that you are not disturbed by other guests. You can not merely celebrate important events but also work as a team or organize a photo session. Choose the option that suits you best, and we will tell you the details.
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