Gift Certificates

Presenting a vacation is the best way to take care of your loved ones. We have certificates for different amounts that can be used for any Dacha services. Let us tell you!
How to use the certificate
Pay for it on the website

Pay for it on the website with a bank card of any bank. The certificate will be sent to your email in electronic form, with detailed instructions.
Choose how to spend

Certificates differ in their amount, but you can spend them for any service of Dacha – if necessary, paying the difference.
Book the service

There is a phone number written on the certificate. Call us and we will help you book a room, a table in a restaurant or other service for vacant dates.
If you still have questions
How long is the certificate valid?
It is valid for 1 year upon the date of purchase. We always indicate the expiry date on the certificate, please note this to the person you present it.
Can the certificate only be used by the person who it was given to?
No, anyone can use it, the certificate is not registered in someone's name. Most importantly, when booking a service, specify the certificate number and the details of the person who will stay (if you book a room).
Can I return the certificate?
Unfortunately, no refund is available, and the money spent is not compensated. If for some reason you can't use the certificate, please give it to someone you care about.
What room can I pay for with a certificate?
You can use this certificate to pay absolutely for any vacant room. Moreover, you can pay with it not merely for a room but also for any meals in our restaurant or for using the pool. The certificate is valid on weekdays and weekends – just call in advance so that we have free options for you.
Do I need to use the entire certificate at a time?
Yes, it works for one visit. If you have not spent the entire amount, the balance will be annulled. If you are lucky and have several certificates, you can add up their values.
What if the service is more expensive than the certificate?
It's okay, the difference can be paid in cash or by card.
I lost my certificate, what should I do?
Call us or write to clarify the details of the person who purchased the certificate. Our database contains this information, and we will be able to restore it.
I want to move or change the reservation time on my certificate. How can I do it?
We have basic cancellation and transfer rules that apply to certificates. You can cancel your reservation for free up to 2 days before arrival. If you cancel later, you will be charged for the first night. If you do not cancel your reservation and do not arrive, you will be charged the full amount.