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Rules for the Accommodation with Pets

1. The following types of pets are allowed in Bobritsa Dacha Hotel: decorative and small dog breeds. Weight should not be more than 12kg and and a withers height between 15-30 cm. The Hotel reserves the right to determine if it is possible for a pet to stay in the room. Fighting dogs are not allowed.

2. The Hotel allows people with disabilities to stay with pets that help them serve their needs (guide dogs or other animals).

3. The guest is obliged to familiarise himself with the “Rules for the Accommodation of Guests with Pets” and put a signature confirming agreement with these rules at check-in.

4. Pets are only allowed if a guest has provided standardized documents from the veterinary services that meet the legislation of Ukraine. The Hotel has the right to request this information at any time.

5. The guest must bring a special rug or cage for the pet.

6. After walking the pet, the guest has to clean the excrement in a special bag and dispose of it in the trash can.

7. The guest has to take special utensils for feeding the pet.

8. It is strictly forbidden to feed pets from restaurant dishes.

9. Pets are not allowed in the pool and restaurant areas.

10. It is not permitted to use towels, sheets or other bedding belonging to the Hotel after the pet’s washing.

11. It is not permitted to comb pets in the Hotel rooms or lobby.

12. The guest has to remove the pet from the room in order for the staff to clean it or renovate.

13. The guest is fully responsible for any damage caused by the pet. The guest is obliged to make a cash deposit of 2 000 (two thousand) UAH for possible risks of damage to the Hotel’s property. The cash deposit is returned at the end of the stay at the Hotel, in the absence of damage. In case of damage being done to Hotel property by the pet, those damages are to be compensated for by the pet’s owner. Fees are charged at check-in.

14. Besides the amount specified in clause 13, the guest is obliged to pay 600 (six hundred) UAH per night (in case of staying at the Hotel from 1 to 3 days) or 1200 (one thousand two hundred) UAH (for stays from 3 to 10 days) for the general cleaning, which is carried out by the Hotel’s employee after the departure of the guest staying with the pet, in order to prepare the room for the next guest.

15. The Hotel reserves the right to break the contract with the guest if:

– any of these rules broken;
– if the pet is loud, aggressive or unmanageable.